4 Responses to Gallery

  1. Chris Cowie says:

    Stunning pieces of work! I’d heard about the containers in the Figgate Park, Portobello, being painted with the birds but seeing it in real life was just amazing! There is an old police box near me that has been left derelict and sprayed and I wondered how I could get some proper artwork done on it. How would I go about it?

    • Hi Chris! Thank you! It was good fun to paint.
      If you use Facebook, could you pm my page (pacograff) with details/photos of the box and I’ll see what’s possible! Cheers

    • Viarouge says:

      J’ai vu votre fresque à Centrès.
      Je cherche à vous contacter pour savoir si éventuellement vous êtes intéressé pour réaliser quelque chose d’équivalent chez un ami.

      • Salut Xavier, je viens de voir votre messge. Si vous avez Facebook, allez me trouver sur “Paco Graff” et envouez moi un mp! Ça sera plus facile de communiquer comme ça!

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