Graffiti artist available for commissions, workshops…. Over 15 years experience working in schools, art centres, prisons, communities etc… Based in Dundee Scotland but travel is not an issue!


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  1. Gordon Keddie says:

    Hi, I work at a day centre in Stonehaven for adults with disabilities. We teach certificate modules called asdans. One of the modules I’m teaching this year is called ‘Expressive Arts’. Part of this is graffiti art with the possibility of a large wall mural at the centre. It would be amazing if you could help with this in any way. Please could you advise on whether the distance is too far? If not, what can you offer with regard to a short tutorial for the guys? And whether there would be an interest in undertaking our large wall mural? If so, what cost would be involved?

  2. Claire Evans says:


    Do you run workshops for children? My son is 9 and really interested in your art form. He would love to attend a workshop.


    • Hi Claire,

      As a free lance artist, I do run workshops but privately (in people’s houses or village halls…) or for other companies, such as Dundee Contemporary Arts, schools, community centres etc… Unfortunately I do not have a premises at the moment to provide workshops in.
      However, I do take commissions, regularly asked to paint bedrooms, garages etc…
      You can email me at iantayac@yahoo.co.uk if you need more info!


  3. Laura says:

    Hi there,

    I work for Aberlour, a children’s charity. I am a residential carer for the young people we have within one of the houses in Kirkcaldy. We have been looking at ways as to which we can get the young people thinking out the box. We have a wall in the garden that we are looking at getting graffiti painted onto it as per the young people’s individual ideas. I was wondering if you could help in any way and at what cost?


  4. Aaron Andrews says:

    Hey Ian,

    Just putting this out there, do you host any workshops for individuals like me who wants to learn the ropes?


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