Peterhead mural 2012

Graffiti art workshop in Peterhead! Part of the “Roanheads Public Art Project – Creating a Sense of Place”, an innovative Public Art Project working with the Roanheads Housing Development.

Working alongside Micky and Jason, we ran “brainstorming sessions” with kids and parents from the community and ended up with hundreds of  drawings and sketches! That was fun! But now, we had to come up with a design that would, ideally include as much of these drawings as we could and of course, make it work… We had the idea of painting a woman blowing bubbles and within these bubbles, we would have some cloud shapes, patterns and the kids drawings. When it came to painting the wall, the hardest part for me was to try to replicate the kids drawings the way they were, have you ever tried to do this on a wall?  It’s pretty tricky! There is also Boddam’s lighthouse in the middle.

It was a really fun project to work on, despite painting in the rain on the last day!!



About graffitiartworkshop

Free lance graffiti artist.
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